Internationally Recognized Brands, Made in Palestine

 Sinokrot Food Company has become a largely recognized name in the Palestinian and regional food industry markets, This is due to its ability to lead the agro-industry sector with its comparative advantages, and ability to emulate imported products. In order to provide affordable food products with the highest quality,

and to ensure that we contribute to the development of the Palestinian industrial sector, we make sure that our product lines are continuous improved and developed to meet international standards.

As of today, we produce more than 60 different products though 12 modern production lines in accordance with international quality and health standards,some of most renowned products names include: Ali Baba, Jericho Wafer, 2 for you Wafer, SInokrot Wafer, Sababa, Marsh, Zake, Toffee Nut, Rollo, Rolls Royce, Noody loose, Noody Fola & Boy, Noody 48 pieces, Marie Biscuit, Family Cookies 300 gm, Family Cookies 600 gm, Jammy, Noody tubes, as well as Kanz Wafer ( fortified with vitamins and iron).


Ali Baba - A Tale of a taste

Ali Baba is teh flagship brand of Sinokrot Food Company, Its logo and brand name have become a national symbol, reminding ever Palestinian of their roots. 

For over 30 years, Ali Baba as been the number one wafer in Palestine. It is widely recognized  through its classic name and famous figure.

Connected to memories of a playful childhood, Ali Baba connects Palestinians worldwide through a united and familiar taste.