SFC's new lines of fortified confectionery products are designed to provide specific and tailored health benefits while maintaining excellent taste and texture. For each health indication, ingredients are carefully selected for their scientific support, regulatory approval and technical parameters.

Our fortified food products contain Vitamins A,E,B1 ,B2, B3, B6, B12, Folic Acid, Iron and Zinc. These nutrients are added taking into consideration the recommended dietary Allowance of each micronutrient allowed for children.

All of our fortified products are sent to Silikar Labs, USA, for testing of micronurient levels and to assure accuracy of labeling information. Anera, SIF, and the Palestinian Ministry of Health Reports have proven that SFC fortified biscuits and wafers resulted in significant improvement for their targeted groups.

Fortified Products Name List: Kanz Wafer | Zad Biscuits | Qowwa Biscuits | Vita Baby classic | Vita  Baby Banana