DELICIOUS, Premium chocolate dates

Delicious, Premium chocolate dates that always impress the connoisseurs of fine foods

Deyafa is Sinokrot Food Company's newest division, established in 2015 as to produce high quality dates and chocolate delights, and to be the Palestinian brand of choice for connoisseurs of fine foods.

At Deafa we are dedicated to providing you with quality products as we are passionate about creating exceptional chocolate. We guarantee your gifts will arrive in excellent design, taste and condition.

Deyafa uses Medjhool dates in the production, the crown jewel of dated, are sold all-year round. Our Medjool is fresh and succulent with a taste that speaks for itself. Our date product is natural, fresh soft, and sweet. It is high on fiber and extremely nutritious.

A gift of Deyafa reflects your commitment to healthy, quality and good taste, and it makes a lasting impression on all who receive it.